What is Alpha Testing?

Alpha Testing is a form of testing done by a small part of the actual users who are expected to use the system or application which has been developed. The users are part of a real user group who are outside the development/testing organization Main features of Alpha Testing a) Only some users are invited to do testing b) To refine the product and ensure it’s quality c) To find out bugs and fix it before the product is made available for all users

What is Regression Testing?

Regression testing is the process of testing the older programming code or the old functions to ensure that they still work as expected when the new programming code or additional functionalities are added/introduced to the application. E.g We already have a existing application which has Login and Logout functionality. In the current release “Validation of Login fields is added to ensure that user doesn’t enter any invalid or wrong user id’s”.In the above case “Testing for validation of Login fields” is known as Validation testing whereas Testing the entire flow...

Installing Python with Selenium on Windows

To install Python Selenium bindings first we need to install Python on Windows.It’s a two step process Step 1 : Install Python on Windows Step 2: Install Selenium-Python binding using Pip or by manually Installing Python on Windows Download the latest release from the Python here –  https://www.python.org/downloads/windows/ From the above url you can download .msi for the latest Python release. Once you have download the .msi Python installer all you have to do is just install it like any other application as shown below Then choose the folder say C:\Python34...

Selenium with Python

Python as you know is one of the high level programming languages and it ensures easy code readability and overall from a programmers view it is much easier to code in Python than in languages like Java.It also supports OOPS like all other languages do. Selenium with Python is not always being used by many organizations as few people have the knowledge of Python and they think Python is so difficult when compared with languages like Java. Let use see more about How to use Selenium with Python in a easy...

Help Menu in Selenium IDE

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  Documentation : Clicking on it will lead to Documentation available on Selenium’s Website UI-Element Documentation : This will display documentation for UI & Elements in Selenium’s Website(How to detect and so on) Report Issue : This is used for reporting any issues you encounter with IDE Search Issue : This is used for searching issues that have been already reported Release notes: Displays Release notes for Selenium IDE Official Selenium Blog/Website : Links to Selenium Blog & Website  

Options Menu in Selenium IDE

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Here is how the Options Menu looks like Options – This will open a new popup window Format – This is all about changing the Formats from HTML to Java you can read more about it here ClipBoard Format – It allows you to change the language from HTML to any language of your choice for the Clipboard copy/paste Reset IDE – It resets the entire IDE to default values with no test suites or testcases Clear History – Clears the entire history stored in Selenium IDE including options

Unit Testing

Unit Testing is a testing that is always done by “Developers” in most cases whereas in some cases Testers may be asked to do “unit testing” due to lack of time eventhough unit testing is mostly developers responsibility. What is Unit Testing? Unit testing is nothing but testing done by developers who test their own set of code.For example A Developer might have written code only for validating password and the testing done by the developer to verify whether the password is validated correctly is known as “Unit Testing”. Another...

Actions Menu in Selenium IDE

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Actions Menu in Selenium IDE will be displayed as shown below   Record :  This performs same function as the record button  and it enables users to record the action Play Entire Test Suite/Play Current Test case: This enables user to play the current test case or set of testcases in a test suite Pause/Resume : Used to resume or pause the steps when it’s being executed Toggle Breakpoint: Toggles the breakpoint on or off depending upon the current state. Fastest/Faster : Will help to execute the commands very fast Slowest/Slow...

File Menu in Selenium IDE

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In the first part of our series we have seen about how to record and playback using Selenium IDE.Now let us see about the “File” Menu in Selenium IDE   New Test Case : For creating a new test case in Selenium IDE Open : Opening a existing Selenium testcase in the System Save Test Case/Save TestCase As : As the name denotes it’s for Saving the testcase with a new name.(Default ones will be always as untitled) Export Test Case: This is the most important functionality of Selenium IDE. It allows...

Edit Menu in Selenium IDE

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In the previous post we have seen about “File” Menu  in Selenium..Now let us see about “Edit” Menu in Selenium IDE.     Undo/Redo : Same as the name Cut/Copy/Paste/Delete:  Same as what we have seen in other applications.The only difference is these are used  to cut/copy/paste/delete the commands in the Selenium IDE Insert New Command :  This helps us to insert a new command between two existing commands in the IDE Same as what we have seen in other applications like as shown below     Insert New Comment...